Colorful iPhone 5S Mockups: Could Your Next iPhone Be Blue?

colorful iphones

French website Nowhere Else today posted various mockups of what they believe an iPhone 5S could look like. The most obvious change is the availability of various colors, with shades resembling that of the current-generation iPod touch.

While most rumors revolve around an even larger screen, these concepts seem likely to happen. The design of the mockups show a device that looks both Apple-like, but also distinct in every specific color.

Hit the read link for two more photos.

While these colorful phones could be a fantastic way to herald a new generation of iPhones, they wouldn’t be enough to push the iPhone over the edge. Luckily, however, the hardware isn’t as much a problem as the software is. iOS 7 has to be significantly better, and offer a much more innovative and useful experience than iOS 6 currently does for Apple to top Android.

iphone 5s large iphone 5s medium

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