Accessory Review: STM Bags “arvo” for iPhone 5

stm bags iphone 5 arvo

It’s not often that I find myself feeling strongly about a case. I can honestly say, though, that for the last 3 days I have had the “arvo” case by STM Bags on my iPhone 5. It’s an accomplishment, really, for a single case to remain on my iPhone for more than a couple days. And quite frankly, I don’t see myself taking it off any time soon.

There’s a few reasons that a case rarely stays on my phone for very long. Sometimes I just decide that I want to use my iPhone without obstruction. I sometimes feel that the case gets in the way of every day use, and a lot of the time, I just want to look at the Jony Ive deliciousness that is a naked iPhone. That said, this case is different. Here are a few reasons why.

This case doesn’t obstruct any functions of the phone. It may be just a little bit thicker than your typical snap-on, but I actually prefer it — it gives the phone a solid, sturdy feel like that of the iPhone 4. Some cases make the lock button harder to press because of their design, but this case actually seemed to make the button easier to press, if anything.

2013-01-23 17_48_14-phones _ for iPhone 5 _ arvo for iPhone 5 _ STM BagsThere’s a handy-dandy kick stand around back. This is the main reason for the case’s added thickness. At first glance this stand seems flimsy and gimmicky, but I found it to actually be very sturdy and functional. Whether a handset like the iPhone needs one of these stands is a whole other debate, but I have found myself using it at least once since I started using this case. It’s solid, and satisfying snaps in place when fully extended.

The case has a very tight, secure fit. Unlike the $5 plastic snap-on cases that I have previously purchased on eBay, this case is built with precision. The case fits the phone absolutely perfectly, and like I said before, it gives it a solid, sturdy feel that a naked iPhone 5 doesn’t have. The plastic is obviously of the highest quality, and it allows your phone to slip in and out of your pockets with ease.

But I must say, the case’s excellent design and build is not the only reason I haven’t taken it off my phone in four days. The case so perfectly fits the phone, that once it’s on, it’s hard to get off. But that’s okay with me. The STM Bags “arvo” is available in 5 colors, and retails for $40.

Thanks Valerie for the product sample!

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