The Future of Jailbreaking is “Looking Bright”

Today is a great day as some news surfaces on Twitter about the status of the long-awaited iOS 6 jailbreak. Famous iOS hacker @planetbeing last night tweeted that he has made some significant progress towards a jailbreak for the newer iOS devices and that the future is “looking bright.” He also tweeted a few days ago showing¬†that he¬†and @pod2g are collaborating on the effort.

Pod2g has finally released his first App Store application, and evidenced by the tweet above, has a little more time on his hands to spend on working on a jailbreak.

What exactly these tweets mean is yet to be seen, but we do know that we won’t be seeing a jailbreak until iOS 6.1 is released. Luckily, as we posted yesterday, iOS 6.1 is probably just around the corner. That doesn’t mean that a jailbreak for said software will also be available, but evidenced by what we’ve seen so far, a jailbreak will in all likelihood be coming eventually. Before iOS 7 at the very least.

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