Hide Those Pesky Default Apps Using the Newsstand Glitch


Yesterday, we posted about a SpringBoard glitch that allows you to move any apps that you want into the Newsstand folder. Apparently, this glitch has also brought to light various other methods of achieving jailbreak-like effects on standard Apple firmware. iDownloadBlog has today posted another tutorial showing a simple modification to the Newsstand glitch that will allow you to hide apps completely, rather than just putting them in the Newsstand folder.

Performing this glitch is only a simple modification to the steps that allowed you to put your apps in Newsstand. Instead of tapping and holding the app that you want in Newsstand, you put all the apps you want to hide in a folder (as shown above) and perform the same steps. After the folder containing those apps is in Newssstand, all it takes is a reboot or a respring and those apps will disappear. To bring them back, simply reboot or respring once more.


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