iOS 6.1 Might Be Less Than a Week Away

iOS-6-1-logoMuch of the iOS community is awaiting the next incremental revision of Apple’s mobile operating system, version 6.1. Developers have had their hands on beta builds of the update since early November, but we’re now on beta 4 and going on February — a release has not up to this point been anywhere in sight.

That is, until early this morning. Famous iPhone hacker¬†Stefan Esser, better known as “i0n1c” has made a good point via his twitter feed. The tweet reads as follows:

This isn’t exactly new or astonishing information, but it does remind us of one thing: Apple will be releasing a new build of iOS in 6 days or less. That release could potentially be iOS 6.1 Beta 5, or a final, official release of iOS 6.1. Only time will tell. Follow after the break for quick overview of known 6.1 features.

iOS 6.1 will be coming with a decent number of minor revisions. Some of the most prominent new features include the following:

  • The ability to¬†book movie tickets using Siri
  • Better error reporting
  • Slightly tweaked music controls on the lock screen
  • Improved Map API for developers
  • Toggle for iTunes under “Use Mobile Data”
  • A new welcome screen for Passbook


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