Over 22 Million iOS Devices Running Cydia

cydiaAt the heart of the jailbreaking community is Cydia, which stores all the tweaks, themes and other packages that jailbroken devices have the luxury of accessing. And, over the course of the past two months, Cydia creator Jay Freeman has revealed that over 22,780,029 million iOS devices have the App Store equivalent installed.

Freeman revealed the details to TechCrunch, which has put together a detailed article about the history of jailbreaking. While the information provided in the article isn’t necessarily anything we haven’t heard before, it still does provide some interesting insight on Cydia and the jailbreak scene as it has developed over the past five-plus years.


“Every time we release jailbreak, we get a massive spike of renewed interest, during which time people furiously are upgrading, jailbreaking, browsing packages, and purchasing products,” Freeman says. “They are seriously active users; that spike is so large that the rate it falls over time swamps the rate of organic user accumulation, so the overall usage of jailbreaking is always going down.”

The article also reminds us of the current status of the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak: developers have one, the public does not. iOS hackers such as David Wang (@planetbeing) and Cyril Cattiaux (@pod2g) have been actively working on a public jailbreak, however, and feel confident that it will in fact be released. Maybe in a few months. Maybe in six months. But it’s definitely on the horizon.


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