I Don’t Care About iTV


Ever since the release of the iPad, one of the most widely rumored products, all eyes have shifted towards what Apple will introduce next. A multitude of rumors and speculation surrounding a purported Apple television set, often dubbed as the “iTV,” have been circulating throughout the Apple rumor mill for the past several years.

Apple has released a major new product every three years for over a decade. Steve Jobs and company redefined the portable music player with the iPod in 2001, followed by the more compact iPod nano in 2004. Three years later, Apple introduced the iPhone as a mobile phone, iPod and wireless communications device. Most recently, in 2010, the iPad was unveiled. 

The calendar has officially turned to 2013, so history tells us that Apple might have a new product line up its sleeves. Many analysts expect that device to be an Apple HDTV set, be it the “iTV” or “iPanel” or whatever it’s eventually named. It’ll be thin as air. It’ll be super high resolution. It might even have Siri. But, to put it bluntly, I don’t care whatsoever.

While I could see the benefit of an Apple television set for homeowners, I am not one. I’m a college student. I have no reason to purchase an Apple HDTV set. And that would probably be fine by Apple, as the target market for its TV would likely be adults with more disposable income than your average teenager. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

apple tv

We live in the digital age. My grandfather often tells me that, when the TV became popular, families would gather around it and remain silent for hours, while watching their favorite program. Okay, sure. I believe that, and I can understand the reasons behind it. But, that is no longer the case. Modern day society lives in front of not one screen, but two. Three.

What those secondary and tertiary screens are being used for is content consumption. Netflix. Hulu. YouTube. iTunes. You name it. Then, add all the illegally downloaded music, movies and TV shows courtesy of torrent files on top. Most of this content is ad free, too. The resulting effect is less of a reliance on regular television programming for entertainment.

appletv1aWatching TV is annoying. I no longer have the patience to sit through four or five minute sequences of commercials, because I have been exposed to the convenience of watching ad free content online.

In higher definition than my TV can offer, too. HDTV isn’t truly HD when it is compressed because of cable or satellite providers. The bottom line is that TV is no longer my medium of choice for content.

In a nutshell, that is why I am not excited about the Apple television set. You might as well tack on how expensive such a gadget would cost. Don’t be surprised if it costs upwards of $2000, or even higher, to hang one of these iTVs on your wall. For me, the Apple TV set-top box is good enough for the Cupertino-based corporation in terms of listening or watching music, movies and TV shows.

There will continue to be a lot of media hype surrounding the so-called “iTV” as the year progresses. A number of analysts had already predicted that the television would have been released last year, but that obviously didn’t transpire. Maybe it’ll be this year. Maybe it’ll be next year. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll care more then.

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