Samsung Mocks BlackBerry in New TV Ad


Samsung has aired a number of infamous commercials in the past that mock its competitors, namely Apple, although this time has it taken on the corporate business market with a new ad against the BlackBerry.

This is a well-timed TV ad for Samsung, as it attempts to change consumer perception about the BlackBerry before RIM unveils its new, hotly anticipated BlackBerry 10 platform in New York City on January 30th. 

In this advertisement, Samsung promotes the Galaxy S III’s multitasking functionality, security features and S Beam sharing ability. Unsurprisingly, the firm still manages to poke fun at Apple by mocking a businesswoman who uses a BlackBerry at work and iPhone for personal use.

While there is no denying that Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II likely have ample benefits for the business class, I have always found it interesting how Samsung chooses to mock its potential customers that are still using an iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile phone.

Nevertheless, Samsung has positioned itself as the most successful Android handset maker over the past few years, largely due to its massive marketing campaigns — such as this one — and well-designed devices like the Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets.


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