Apple Rumored to Launch Three New iPhones This Year


Just four months since the iPhone 5 launched on September 21st, there has already been an increasing amount of speculation surrounding next-generation models of the popular Apple smartphone. The latest rumor claims that Apple will launch three new iPhones before the end of this year, but that’s not all that the Cupertino-based corporation may have in store.

According to China Times, citing the Taiwan-based Commercial Times, Apple will unveil the 4-inch iPhone 5S and “iPhone Math” with a 4.8-inch screen before the end of June. Both devices are said to have an 8-megapixel camera. Then, prior to the holidays, the report adds that Apple will launch a third new iPhone with a 12-megapixel camera.

The icing on the cake is the infamous so-called “iTV,” which is said to finally make its appearance before the end of this year. An Apple HDTV set has been rumored for the past several years, ever since rumors of an Apple tablet finally solidified with the iPad. Overall, the report notes that Apple will launch seven to eight new products this year.

iPhone 5As far as the legitimacy of this rumor is concerned, overseas supply chain sources always have a hit-and-miss track record when it comes to Apple rumors and speculation. If I had to guess, I would suspect that Apple will proceed with the “iPhone 5S,” or whatever the next iPhone is called, but fail to see an “iPhone Math” release at the same time — or ever.

The third iPhone, pegged for a late 2013 release, could be realistic. Apple might choose to release the iPhone 5S in June, followed by another iPhone in the Fall ahead of the holiday shopping season. By shortening the product cycles of its products, Apple could better compete with rivals like Samsung. But, thus far, Apple has stuck to a new iPhone on an annual basis.

Shifting towards the “iTV,” it’s very difficult to peg a release date on that product. Apple has been facing difficulties in reaching content agreements with major providers, while it continues to place a lot of focus on its popular product lines: Mac, iPad and iPhone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the TV was released later this year, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t launch.

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