Stream Today’s Presidential Inauguration With an iOS App


While the elections are over, today will mark the first day that President Obama is re-inaugurated to the highest office of the land. Those interested in viewing the inauguration live can use one of the following apps to do so:

  • Inaugural 2013: This is the official app. It was created by AT&T, but works on every cell carrier. The app is fairly straight-forward, but includes various features other than the live-stream that will be particularly useful if you are in D.C. today to watch the inauguration in person. It’s also free, so hey: that’s a low price.
  • YouTube: YouTube will be live-streaming the inauguration today as well. Anyone wishing to watch this way can catch it through any of the apps, as well as online.
  • ABC News: ABC News will also be offering a video stream of the inauguration.

Any of the above will work just fine, though I’d stick to either YouTube or the official app, given ABC’s checkered history of live-streaming events. Still, it may be the best-produced option available to viewers.

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