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With over 30 years experience with car audio, it would only make sense that Scosche would eventually find their way into the headphone business. After enjoying the IEM856 series REALM IEMs, I thought the REALM over-ear headphones, RH1056, would deliver similar quality in a larger package. For the most part, they definitely do.


  • Driver: 40 mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB +/- 3 dB

In the Box

  • Scosche RH 1056 REALM Headphones
  • Cables (Remote+Mic’d/6.5’ Audio-Only)
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Soft Carrying Pouch
  • ¼” Adapter
  • Voip Adapter


There is no doubting that the Monster Beats line has influenced many headphone designs. Regardless of which direction you go, you begin to see the similarities. Well, the REALM does fall into that line, but doesn’t seem as tacky. The color schemes have better contrast with each other and offer a bit more complexity to the overall look of the headphones. The REALM headphones are available in black and white as well. They really do look great though.


Design: ★★★★


The RH 1056 offer a more balanced sound that hangs with a slight emphasis on both extremes, the sub-lows and upper highs. The result is a sound that is fun, but also keeps accuracy in mind. The sound overall does have a nice warmth to it though, which will do well for the consumer and audiophile alike.

The bass has a focus on the sub-to-low bass frequencies. As stated before, this causes a very strong impact that has a bit of slam to it while the sub-bass textures rumble very nicely with a delicate touch to them. The mid-bass punch is very nicely controlled and keeps the strong impacts tight, but can’t fix the slight lack of speed. The REALM over-ear headphones have ample quantity without forgetting about the qualities of bass.

The lower midrange is very smooth overall. This also creates a sense of warmth to the headphones due to the added sub-bass focus. Vocals have a nice sense of lushness and density to them, but can seem like they are lacking a bit up top. This can take a bit away from dynamics, for both vocals and instrumentals. Instrumental clarity is cunning in many aspects, but isn’t in your face. Rather it tries to be discrete about it.

In the upper ranges, we find that we have a bit of a focus in the upper ranges. It can be a bit sibilant up here. Separation can also seem hindered a bit. They do, however, offer the headphones a great deal of needed energy and power. Detailing in the upper-highs is very strong too. In the lower highs, we find that the presence and detailing is spot on, but it can use a bit of extension.

Audio: ★★★★½


Scosche did an overall great job with the construction of the RH 1056 REALM headphones. It’s not perfect, but very close to it. Scosche does include 2 options for storage while the headphones are not in use. The first is a hardcase that is pretty compact, but still quite large. The second is a smaller carrying pouch which is used while on the go.


The headphones are constructed out of a thicker plastic as well as metal pieces in various places. The faceplates of the headphones are a polished metal that have the Scosche name on them. The cups swivel with plastic joints that doesn’t make them seem as strong as they should be. Metal joints would have been a better choice.


An adjustable slider connects each housing to the headband. The slider has 2 layers, one of plastic and one of metal. The headband actually seems to have very strong build. I’d assume the core of the headband will be metal while it is surrounded by a couple layers of plastic and metal screws to hold the rest together.


The cable is replaceable which is definitely a big plus. Scosche includes a thinner flat cable with their headphones. The cable will avoid tangles, but is also thinner than I’d like. It doesn’t feel as strong as other cables out there. Two cables are included in the box, one with a remote and mic, one extra-long one without.


The build of both cables is identical, and that includes the headphone jack. I’m actually quite happy with how Scosche did their headphone jack here. It has a nice long strain relief on it that has a bit of flexibility and is at an optimal 45-degree angle. Like most, the jack is also gold plated to resist corrosion.


Build: ★★★★


Despite its size, these headphones are still relatively light. The padding all around the headphones is supple and very soft. Memory foam is used on the pads as well which also adds to the comfort. The cups swivel in two directions while the arm length is easily adjusted to ensure a very comfortable fit. Despite its size and weight, I can easily get away with were these for a couple hours uninterrupted, that rarely happens with the headphones I use.


Comfort: ★★★★


These headphones come in around 200 dollars. I don’t feel they are a steal for this price, but definitely are well worth the money you spend on them. That said, they are priced just where they need to be. The sound quality is on par with other headphone offerings in this price range and the accessories and options are very useful. Comfort is too.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed listening to the majority of the REALM line. They make great headphones with good sound quality overall. This pair of headphones has some flare in its design, but also a bit of flare in its sound. Add in the comfort it provides and they should be looked at by anyone considering a new pair of over-ears.

I’d like to thank Pedro for the product sample.

Overall Score


Scosche REALM Over-Ear Headphones

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