Sharp Cutting iPad Display Production as Demand for iPad Mini Grows


Reuters reports that Sharp, one of Apple’s principal display providers, is cutting production on 9.7″ retina iPad displays. These cuts are quite severe; in fact, Reuters states that production has almost been completely “halted.”

While that alone sounds quite interesting, it’s important to keep in mind two major factors. The first is that Sharp is only one of Apple’s iPad display providers. LG also provides a huge share of the displays used in Apple’s retina iPad.

As various publications, including the original Reuters report, have pointed out, this could also be a sign that the iPad mini is slowly becoming the de facto iPad. Many pundits have already written about how the smaller size of the iPad mini makes it superior to that of the 4th generation iPad. The portability, along with the lower price, make for a fantastic product. Given the response to the product, it would seem as if many agree with this sentiment.


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