Dropbox and iCloud: The Ultimate Combination

icloud1While I used to debate about which cloud service was better, Dropbox or iCloud, I now use both on a daily basis. When they are combined, the duo is literally the ultimate combination for cloud storage and services. Without them, I would be lost.

As a college student that manages iFans on the side, a big part of my day is trying to stay organized. That is why I love the ability to jot down any assignments or important reminders I have in Notes on my iPhone, and then those notes are seamlessly sent to my MacBook Pro and iMac. 

iCloud is also useful for Photo Stream, which is a feature I take advantage of on numerous occasions. Dropbox is also a good service for photos, as I will often upload photos to have access to them across whichever desktop or mobile devices that I have Dropbox installed on.

Dropbox has also been convenient for storing my Word documents, Adobe Illustrator files and other work. Long gone are the days of having to plug in a USB-powered flash drive in to one device, copy the items and then plug the drive into a second device just for basic file transfer.

Another benefit to cloud storage in general is that it frees up disk space on your devices. If you haven’t become a cloud user yet, I highly recommend looking into the services that are out there. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be Dropbox or iCloud, those two work in unison just great for me.

Do you use the cloud?

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