Concept: The Quick Settings Toggles That iOS 7 So Desperately Needs

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One of the biggest reasons that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users choose to jailbreak their devices is because of the absence of native settings toggles. Once jailbroken, a user can download the popular jailbreak tweak SBSettings to gain toggles for items like brightness, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode. There are also toggles for system actions such as refreshing or rebooting your device. But what if you didn’t need to jailbreak for those features?¬†

Apple has introduced a significant number of iOS features that originated within the jailbreak scene, including Wi-Fi sync, home screen wallpapers and the entire concept of Notification Center. So, hopefully the Cupertino-based corporation will oversee a new iOS 7 quick settings concept design by animator Andr√© Luis Moreira. The concept is essentially a vastly improved version of SBSettings on stock iOS, and it’s very awesome at that.

Concept design of quick settings toggles that hopefully Apple would include in the iOS 7 software update.

Concept design of quick settings toggles that hopefully Apple would include in the iOS 7 software update. The design is reminiscent of SBSettings for jailbroken devices.

The concept features a slide-up menu for quick access to toggles for Airplane Mode, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Personal Hotspot, Do Not Disturb, iMessage, FaceTime and more. Moreover, the video also shows a redesigned multitasking bar with improved music playback controls and active app windows that you can swipe between, much like on the latest version of the App Store.

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Better yet, the settings pane has an edit mode that allows you to drag which system tasks you would prefer to have listed in the menu. For instance, you could swap out the FaceTime toggle with one for iCloud instead. On top of that, you would be able to access the quick settings menu by simply shaking your device. Also touting security options and dynamic preferences, this is a well-rounded concept that would really reinvigorate iOS if it ever materialized.

Settings Inspiration

This concept was inspired by the Siri information menu, while it closely resembles the Android notification system. I would add that it takes design cues from jailbreak utilities SBSettings and IntelliScreenX.

Moreira, who posted the new concept on The Verge discussion forums, claims that his mockup design was inspired by the look of the Siri information screen. Moreira adds that, while Android has a very similar notification system that is highly effective, he had never used it before and, hence, it had no influence on his own conceptual design. He does note that perhaps Android is doing notifications right, so it makes sense for the iPhone to adopt a similar system.

iOS is due for a major design overhaul, as there has been growing sentiment that the mobile platform is becoming boring and stagnant. With the recent ousting of former iOS head Scott Forstall from the Apple executive team, and design chief Jonathan Ive taking over all human interface responsibilities, perhaps the software will be revamped in a manner that we have never seen before. iOS 6 was a rather lackluster update, so the bar is set really high for the next major update.

While this concept isn’t perfect, it’s still a step in the right direction for iPhone software. Would you like to see Apple implement a quick setting system and improved multitasking bar similar to these concepts? What other ideas do you have in mind for future iOS versions? Based on the traditional release cycle, Apple should unveil iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 next June, seed beta versions to developers for testing in the following weeks, and publicly release the update in September.

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