APC Paper: A $99 Android Book Computer

2013-01-17 17_54_38-APC » Paper

APC is a designer of micro-computers not distant in function from the Raspberry Pi. These low-power computers serve many purposes from providing students in third world countries the ability to code, to setting up a simple network storage device. These micro-computers, though, don’t typically ship with a case. This little guy is a bit different.

APC Paper, with its unique recycled cardboard case, is a computer for people wanting to connect to the Internet without the need for specific Windows applications. With special attention to design, APC paper blends seamlessly into any home or office environment.

The APC Paper is a small, ARM processor, 512 MB RAM computer with many I/O options. Running Android 4.0, the $99 device intends to be the new go-to micro-computer and its design allows it to blend in to fit comfortably on any desktop. It’s actually not much more powerful than the Raspberry Pi, but it does come with 4 GB of built-in flash memory and a micro-SD slot.

It may seem like you’re paying a premium for what is seemingly not much better than the $40 alternative, but the APC Paper doesn’t run a random distribution of Linux. It natively supports (and ships with) Android 4.0 and that means out-of-the-box access to the huge selection within Google Play. That coupled with the built-in storage, faster processor, and the recycled cardboard case may make the higher price tag worth it.


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