MediaFire Launches on Android, Offers 50 GB of Free Storage to New Users


Have an Android smartphone, but need some more cloud storage? We all could use more storage, so this may be worth a look: MediaFire, a popular file uploading website, has released an app for Android. New users of the service will be able to get 50 GB of free cloud storage, and the app itself looks very nice.

MediaFire is, of course, one of literally dozens of options. Google itself offers a competitor with their Drive product. Others, like or Dropbox, offer cloud storage but also APIs to enable syncing across platforms. MediaFire is more in the vein of a traditional upload/share website, though. It would likely be ideal for users wishing to back up files, such as photos.

MediaFire also has an iOS app, and users of that app can also take advantage of the free storage.

[Play Store]

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