Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia – Part Three

Last week, the second installment of “Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia, Part Two” went live.  For the most part, the tweaks in there were pretty good, but as always, there is more treasure waiting to be found!  So, without hesitation, here is the third installment of iFans’ recent series, “Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia.“  Hit the link for the complete list.



Developer: Qusic | Available: BigBoss repo | Free

First off, Reminders+ is a tweak that adds functionality to the native Reminders app by allowing users to have permanent reminders on their lock screen.  While it’s not a complete overhaul or a major feature, Reminders+ does best at doing its primary function, reminding people ahead of time. With Reminders+, you can always have that one, or two, important reminders without it ever disappearing from your lock screen. Along with your reminder, it also has the ability to finally display your written note. Now, this is something that Apple should have implemented a long time ago.



Developer: Aaron Ash (Charybdis) | Available: BigBoss repo | $1.99

If you’re looking to make iOS a little more similar to Android, then WrapAround may be just for you. WrapAround allows your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to infinitely scroll around your SpringBoard pages. No, this isn’t a tweak that allows you to have more than the restricted 11 home screen pages that Apple imposes, but, as the developer says, “just scroll to the last page of icons, keep scrolling, and you’re back to the search!” I literally had never heard of this tweak until reading upon this thread. As a side note, it would work perfectly well if Spotlight search was removed.



Developer: iStopped | Available: ModMyi repo | Free

Vexillum offers more customization to Apple’s notification system by providing a variety of colors and gradients. Sure, it may not be the first of its kind, but it is a tweak well worth noting. This tweak in particular lets you customize almost everything found in the banner notifications, such as the banner, font and border color. With options such color sliders and gradient settings, it is a simple tweak that is quite stable and well implemented. Now, you can give your notifications a little more personalized look.

MiniBanners Pro


Developer: rud0lf77 | Available: ModMyi repo | $0.99

MiniBanners Pro completely changes the notification system. As its name suggests, this tweak “shrinks” any incoming notifications into just the app’s icon and number of notifications missed. Alongside this, this tweak supplies its own animations and hefty set of features, which completely changes the way we handle notifications. Features such as the placement of notifications, tap-to-expand, auto-expand, manual dismiss, swipe-to-dismiss, and more makes this tweak hard to ignore.



Developer: VincenzoBB | Available: ModMyi repo | $1.59

And to conclude this week’s Unmentioned series of Cydia tweaks, comes Jepit. This tweak allows you to modify the app switcher’s animations when switching from app to app. This tweak does provide a great deal of customization, such as bringing numerous effects to the multitasking bar and having the privilege of modifying apps’ appearances in this view. I remember hearing a great deal about this tweak in the past, but I have since long heard any news of it. I definitely recommend this tweak to anyone with a jailbroken device, as it provides a fresher look to iOS.

And that, my dear readers, concludes yet another segment of this iFans series. What do you think about Unmentioned and these jailbreak tweaks from Cydia in particular? Be sure to voice your comments in the discussion forums.

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