TSMC contracted to fab a cutting-edge chip for a ‘breakthrough’ Apple device

TSMC Contracted to Fab a Cutting-Edge Chip for a ‘Breakthrough” Apple Device


As the iPhone maker is reportedly accelerating plans to make a jump to TSMC for all of its mobile chips, now comes word that the Taiwan foundry will pretty soon start building on its 20 nanometer process technology a next-gen processor for a “breakthrough”Apple device…

DigiTimes Research, the usually credible research and analysis arm of the Taiwanese hit-and-miss trade publication, wrote Wednesday that TSMC is working on engineering samples of Apple’s chips at 28nm as we speak. However, first TSMC-built chips “are unlikely to happen in 2013″.

As the effects of the ongoing legal battles between Apple and Samsung continue to move forward, this is one of the most interesting. Historically, Samsung has manufactured Apple’s SoCs. That is, obviously, going to change. However, it’s still unclear as to whether or not TSMC can fully replace Samsung. However, it seems as if plans are moving ahead at a fast clip, with TSMC supposedly taking over from Samsung in 2014.


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