AT&T Lifts (Most) FaceTime Over Cellular Restrictions

facetimeFaceTime over cellular rolled out last September, but unlike some other providers, AT&T wanted to roll the feature out slowly to make sure its network would be able to handle the load. Today, it appears they have made the decision to allow unrestricted FaceTime over cellular for any customers with a tiered data plan. That means yes, even those of you with an iPhone 4S will now be able to use FaceTime at will.

As a result of ongoing testing, we’re announcing AT&T will enable FaceTime over Cellular at no extra charge for customers with any tiered data plan using a compatible iOS device.

As Cult of Mac has pointed out, “tiered data plan” means a standard, 250 MB, 3 GB, or 5 GB plan and that those of you with grandfathered unlimited data will still not be able to use FaceTime over cellular. That said, AT&T kindly reassures us that “FaceTime over Wi-Fi remains available for all customers who have a compatible iPhone or iPad.” Thanks, AT&T.

For those of you that will see the new ability to use FaceTime over cellular due to these updated terms, AT&T says the changes should start to roll out over the next few weeks.


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