What Don’t You Like About Android?

Sad Android

Every mobile operating system has its share of pros and cons.  As for Android, there happens to be a lot of really good things that end users benefit from.  It was interesting to sift through the responses received in the previous article, and to see where the community agreed on the various strengths of the Android operating system. Therefore, I decided to make a visual representation of those patterns.

Follow after the break for a brief assessment of the iFans community’s thoughts from my previous article, What Do You Like Best About Android.

Pie-Chart For Android Article

The graph shows that Android is doing well to meet the needs of advanced users, as well as providing enough functionality to meet the needs of the average consumer.  It is capable enough to complete simple tasks, yet under the hood it is perfectly fit for power users.

Now that Android’s strengths have been detailed, what do you not like about Android?

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