Has Facebook Peaked? 1.4 Million Users Leave in December

Facebook-logo5Facebook has been growing at a steady pace for the past several years, to the point that it reached an astonishing 1 billion active users back in late October. But, as expected, Facebook may have peaked in active users now that the market is so saturated. In other words, mostly everyone that wants a Facebook account by now already has one. 

The resulting effect has been, according to media tracking firm SocialBakers, a decline by 1.4 million users from the United States on Facebook in December. Worse, a number of previously engaged Facebook users are now not visiting the site within a 30 day period.

With some of the privacy issues and annoying sponsored material on Facebook, other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram — a Facebook subsidiary — are becoming more popular options as of late. I for one do not particularly care for Facebook, and see little value in the service. What are your thoughts on Facebook?


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