Wal-Mart’s “Unlimited” Straight Talk iPhone Plan Isn’t Unlimited

2013-01-15 20_22_49-iPhone Now at Straight Talk Wireless

Wal-Mart announced that its own Straight Talk Wireless would begin carrying the iPhone 5 earlier this month, and with it they claimed would come a relatively cheap $45-a-month pre-paid plan. Of course without a contract, you’re going to end up paying a very pretty penny for that iPhone up front — $649 in this case. That said, $45 per month is likely the cheapest monthly commitment for any iPhone up to this point.

Many customers have complained┬áin the past about Straight Talk’s “unlimited” data, and it seems that the aggravations will not be ending with the above advertised plans. According to Mashable, the $45 plan will get you unlimited voice and text, but like most “unlimited” data plans, you will be throttled when you pass an unsaid 2 GB limit.

That said, 2 GB monthly is middle-ground for most data plans these days. My AT&T plan is 3 GB, after which I pay extra for each GB I use. They won’t throttle me, but they would love to send me a couple text warnings and charge overage fees. Therefore, if you think 2 GB is enough, getting a Straight Talk iPhone with Wal-Mart’s own financing would probably not be a bad idea.


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