‘Flex’ Makes It Possible to Easily Create Jailbreak ‘Tweaks’

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What if we can create our own jailbreak tweaks? By we, I mean us who aren’t experienced developers and those who would actually love to develop one. What would you create? What would your tweak do? From the looks of it, an upcoming jailbreak app named “Flex,” will perhaps be the answer to these questions. Hit the link to find out more.

As reported by iDownloadBlog, the upcoming jailbreak app ‘Flex’ will allow average users to easily create and share their own custom created jailbreak tweaks. The best part? Absolutely no programming experience is required.


If, by now, you’re thinking that this may be just another alternative Cydia store, then you are entirely wrong.  The developer of Flex, who goes by the username somethingpunk on Reddit’s forums, says that Flex will let you “create small tweaks, share what you create, and download others’ shared tweaks.” It definitely sounds like just another Cydia, but I assure you that it’s far different.

To those questioning what kind of “tweaks” we will be able to create using Flex, we will be creating something called a “Patch.” These patches will be able to only modify apps that are installed on your device and will not be able to create the next big tweak such as Auxo. And as the video shows, creating a small “tweak” is just as simple as clicking on an app, adding a “unit,” choosing a library, and finally modifying a class. Now, for the average user, that may seem a bit terrifying, but those with a little more experience should be just fine.

On a side note, Flex potentially threatens app security and may cause more cheating in games. But, ultimately, if Flex promises to do exactly as it is described, then this could be one of the greatest tweaks available on Cydia. What do you think? Are you going to download Flex once it’s released? You can check out Flex once it is available on Cydia in the near future.

[Reddit via iDownloadBlog]

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