iOS Game “The Blockheads” Surges to the Top of the Charts

2013-01-15 18_38_26-The Blockheads - Exploration, mining, crafting and building sandbox game

Currently number 5 on the App Store’s Free charts, “The Blockheads” has taken the iOS gaming platform by storm. The game is obviously very Minecraft-esque, but it doesn’t try to be a 3D platformer. A good way to explain its mechanics is to imagine a cross between Minecraft and Terraria. This “2.5D” game is, in my opinion, much more suited for mobile devices than Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It’s playable in both portrait and landscape, and was designed with the touch screen in mind, including many features such as block queuing that make the game much more relaxing and enjoyable on the go.

Generating a world and punching trees is all too familiar, but the game has some important differences compared to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. There are no crafting recipes to remember, but crafting items can take a lot of time. The game’s revenue source, “Time Crystals,” are an in-app purchase that will allow you to craft items without waiting. Rest assured, though, that the game is completely playable without paying a penny and you are even given some of these time saving crystals for free when you first load up the app.


Whether its name is as good as the game itself is debatable, but “The Blockheads” is currently available on the App Store for free. Also, feel free to check out our official “The Blockheads” discussion thread and find someone to play 2-player with!

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