Three Things That iOS 7 Needs

iOS LogoI have been an avid iOS device user since I purchased a first-generation iPod touch over five years ago. Since then, I have moved on to the iPhone.

And while Apple has continued to make improvements to the software, aimed at providing a more fluid experience, there are still some elements of iOS that I would like to see improved. 

1. Improved Multitasking Bar


To begin with, the first thing that iOS definitely needs is a better way to handle the multitasking bar. If you have a number of applications open on your device, this bar will get very crowded. And when you go to permanently close all of these apps, you have to do it on a repetitive one-by-one basis. A simple “clear all” button, please. That’s all I’m asking for. Try Auxo.

2. Settings Toggles


While we’re talking about the multitasking bar, the second thing I would like to see added to iOS is easily accessible toggles for both Wi-Fi and brightness controls. I honestly don’t see what makes it so difficult for Apple to simply add these toggle switches to either the multitasking bar or within Notification Center. We’ve seen how effective SBSettings is for jailbroken devices, so hopefully Apple mimics the idea in a future software update.

3. System Utilities & Management

iphone-batteryThe third and final thing that iOS needs is a better way to handle system utilities and preferences. It would be nice if internal storage and system memory could be better managed or if you could allocate a certain amount of flash storage or RAM for certain apps or tasks. Just having a more technical look at which apps are perhaps resource hogs, or what is making your device slow, would be useful. I fail see Apple providing this freedom, unfortunately.

Apple should introduce its iOS 7 software update at WWDC 2013, which will likely take place next June. In the weeks following that event, the first beta versions should be issued to registered Apple developers for testing. Then, by September, we routinely see a full public launch of the latest iOS software version. For now, we must continue to embrace iOS 6 — sans Apple Maps — and hope that an untethered jailbreak finally comes.

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