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iQase isn’t the largest case company, it probably isn’t the first place people look to when it comes to cases. They are, however, able to offer a nice case for the majority of the iDevices out there. The S-Line is named after the abstract design that they have placed on this TPU case. It’s simple protection for a relatively low price.  


This is a TPU case, so it isn’t flimsy, but also not entirely hard. The case comes in two available colors: clear and grey. The back of the case has an opening for the Apple logo of your iPod, no matter what color, to come out naturally while the abstract S-curves in the back give a matted texture and complexity to the design as a whole.


The case, like other TPU cases covers the buttons and takes a bit away from the springiness that the naked iPod offers. Instead it gives a nice stiffness to the buttons. The sides have a nice diamond texturing to them that allows it to be easier to grip overall.


The case also goes around the camera and isn’t thin enough where the camera will protrude. For those of you complaining about the protruding camera, this is a solution that will fix that; although most cases will fix this too.


Design: ★★★★


The front leaves the majority of the front glass panel exposed. There really is no way around this though as covering it would make it unusable. There is a nice lip that reaches over the edge by a few millimeters; a fall flat on the face most likely won’t damage it, unless there is a rock in the middle.


There are holes exposed, however. First would be the camera and LED are exposed to the outside world. This is quite expected, they are still well-protected though. The lower lightning port, headphone jack, and speaker grill is left exposed so it works properly. The slits in between are filled though, which is always a good thing. The back of the iPod also does leave the Apple logo exposed. From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s nice, from a protection, it’s not.


As stated before, the buttons remained covered by the case, so you’ll know they’ll be protected offering that extra 1% less harm. The TPU case stands in between a hard case and a silicone one. That is, it isn’t entirely flimsy, and doesn’t attract dust, but isn’t exactly hard. It offers ample protection while having some absorbing ability to meet somewhere in the middle.


Protection: ★★★★½


There will be many reasons to use this case, as well as a few that will deter users. Overall, it’s going to be a positive experience. The case isn’t ugly and can really give a beautiful darker, multi tone to the color of your iPod while the protection is actually pretty good.

There are some negatives though. I already talked about the stiffness of the buttons. They are responsive, but don’tfeel that way. The other would have to do with the loop. iQase does offer a way for you to attach the loop. However, putting the loop on, and taking it off, can prove to be a large hassle. Another thing is that some larger headphone jacks may not fit the prettiest with these, and some not even at all.


Value: ★★★★½

Final Toughts

TPU cases always have a very nice protection aspect behind them. They lie right in between the overly soft silicone and the strong, at times overdone, hard case to give users a happy medium. This case isn’t bulky and offers a beautiful abstract design that makes your iPod’s color just that much more interesting.

I’d like to thank iQase for the product sample.

Overall Score


iQase S-Line TPU Case

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