Forum Spotlight: Custom App Icons Without a Jailbreak


Following the recent trend of simple tweaks that don’t require a jailbreak, owners of the latest Apple devices should check out iFans forum member dancerdudes‘ tutorial explaining how to get custom app icons. The tutorial does a great job of explaining how you can use a web host and an HTML document to create custom icons for all your apps. As you can see above, he managed to create icons for Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram — all without a jailbreak!

The step-by-step guide is a great compliment to his other non-jailbreak tweaking tutorial: creating blank icons. That said, whether you have a jailbreak on your device or not, be sure to stop in and show us the tweaks you’ve made to your homescreen! Hopefully we’ll see a real jailbreak in the near future so those of us with the newest hardware can get back to the real tweaks — like the ones in our “Best Tweaks of Cydia” series.

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