Review: MiniGore 2: Zombies – Classic MiniGore… With Zombies!

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It’s been a few long years since we’ve heard anything from MiniGore. It has always stood up as a fun, pick-up-and-play dual-stick shooter and more recently, has been seen as a classic. The game has been a big success, so it seems only logical to come out with a sequel. And with zombies being the new craze, why not throw them into the mix?  


Like the original, there really is no story to the game. You simply are quickly thrown right into the gameplay and start shooting up zombies. I do see why the developers skipped the story of the game. I do, however, wish they would incorporate a story into the game, and then make the arcade mode what the game is now.


The gameplay remains the same fast-paced action shooter where you run around aimlessly with a character trying to survive the growing hordes of zombies. Along the way, you’ll run into 2 things: more zombies and weapons. Weapons become useful, each one with their own strength and power. From explosive sheep launchers, machine guns, dual shotguns, swords, chainsaws, nothing is out of the norm. You simply do what you have to do to survive.


Along the way, you will gain money for each zombie you kill. So the more you kill, the more money you acquire. Money becomes a crucial part of the game pretty quickly. They allow you to upgrade your characters, buy new levels, get new weapons, and more. Each character starts with a different specialty weapon, so that can be used to your advantage.


At the beginning of each level, a boss will greet you, steal your girl, and leave. This won’t be the last time you see him though. He will come back, and this time, he’ll want a bit of your blood, and maybe your head, to bring back as prize. It’s your job to kill him for all his glorious gold he spews out after you kill him.


Additionally, you also have many missions to complete. These missions do include killing some bosses, but can also be a bit more as well. They include finding certain parts of levels, killing certain enemies, and of course, slaying bosses. You gain a bit of gold for each one you complete too, so it’s in your best interest to finish them.


The controls are still the same classic controls of the previous version. Like the original game, auto-aim has been implemented into MiniGore 2.  This allows your character to automatically aim at the nearest enemy. This turns the right stick into a single A button. Of course, you can turn on the second stick by shutting off auto aim. Both modes still offer a nice bit of zombie horde crushing.


Gameplay: ★★★★½


The graphics still are still filled with vibrant colors, and enough detail to make things out. The word free to roam, so enjoy the peaceful pond, the flowers in the distance and magical trees… until they are polluted with zombie-blood. Animations are very fluid overall and the game runs very smoothly. The graphics have a fun, distinct MiniGore feel to them with the blocked heads and jagged terrain.


Graphics: ★★★★


Like most games, MiniGore continues to give users both strong sound effects as well as a nice BGM to go along with the game. Once you start playing, however, the sound effects will quickly take your attention. That said, the BGM is really never actually heard once you get into the game. You’ll quickly be immersed with zombies, bun shots, and slashes among other things. A barrage of sounds brings the entire game together, makes it seem more violent than it actually is (or the game actually is that violent).

Audio: ★★★★½


Money pays off in this game; it quickly becomes the mission. Although you can buy money through in-app purchases, there never really is a need to. A fountain of money seems to just pour out of each zombie you kill. This is what keeps you playing. It’s addictive, fun, and enticing. You quickly work to gain levels. As you gain levels, you can buy more stuff. As you buy stuff, you want to upgrade it. You keep coming back to the game to just get more stuff. It’s great.


Replay: ★★★★


MiniGore 2 is priced at just under a buck. I really can’t complain much either. The game is loads of fun, and will be sure to take you away from the work you should be doing. At the end of the day, it does seem like a zombie-themed MiniGore, but it’s still worth the 99 pennies you spend on it. Addictive gameplay comes together with strong graphics and great audio to create one of the most enjoyable games out there.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

The original MiniGore was a classic. It was a great game, and there was very little to change with the game. The developers added a nice zombie theme to the game, added a few levels, characters, and weapons. At the end of the day, MiniGore 2: Zombies remains a great extension to the original, it too will become a classic some day. But until then, I’ll be blasting some zombies back where they came from.

Overall Score


MiniGore 2: Zombies

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