Oh, Snap: Samsung Drops Windows RT


This isn’t good for those of you that just bought a Surface. Hardware behemoth Samsung has announced this morning that it has cancelled all plans to release ARM-based tablets for Windows RT. In late August of this year, the corporation announced the ATIV Tab, a 10.1-inch, 1.5 GHz dual-core tablet designed to run the same operating system as the Surface RT. According to CNET, those plans are now scrapped.

Samsung doesn’t typically announce launch dates or specific pricing at the time of their products’ announcements. In this case, I think we see a good example of why. Microsoft no-doubt wants to push Windows RT and the ecosystem that surrounds it — including its app store.¬†Unfortunately¬†for Microsoft, Samsung’s retail partners have said that demand for the Surface RT has been “modest at best.” It looks like Samsung won’t be jumping on the bandwagon this time. Maybe things will turn around for Microsoft come the launch of the Surface Pro?

It is worth noting that this absolutely does not mean a complete disconnect between the two companies. While Samsung may not plan to release its (probably affordable) ATIV Tab, it is still making full-blown Windows 8 tablet PCs. All that has occurred here is that Samsung pulled out of what I don’t think seemed like a good idea in the first place, Windows RT.


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