iFans at CES: Premium Swedish Products From Bosign


Swedish accessory maker Bosign was at International CES this year to promote its new lifestyle products and accessories that have clean, crisp and modern Scandinavian design. The folks at Bosign walked me through a number of their products, including the Tabletpillow for iPad and other tablets.

To use the Tabletpillow, place it on your lap and position your iPad or tablet on top of it. The plush accessory has a rigid bottom edge to hold the device in place, giving you the convenience of browsing the web or doing other tasks right from your lap. The pillow is offered in a variety of fresh colors for €29.95 ($39.95 USD). 

Bosign iPad Stand

Bosign also makes the Cookbook Stand for iPad, iPad mini or other similarly sized tablets, a simple tablet stand that is made out of a soft, washable silicone material. The tablet stand is intended to be used in the kitchen, allowing you to look up a recipe while cooking or surf the web on the fly. This accessory will set you back €23.63 or about $31.53 USD.

Bosign G

A third interesting product that Bosign has created is the new Hideaway cable organizational box. If you have a Mac or PC that is plagued by a messy workspace, this accessory will help remove the clutter and ensure tidiness. Hideaway is offered with a new hardwood top or grey silicone lid for about $45 USD.

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