iFans at CES: iPhone 5 Cases Roundup

SwitchEasy iPhone 5 Case

SwitchEasy Tones case for iPhone 5 in shade of green or turquoise. $24.99 each.

International CES, outside of Macworld, is easily the biggest place to find the latest cases and accessories for Apple products. While walking the floor during each of the last four days, I uncovered numerous cases for the iPhone 5 by almost every accessory maker you can imagine. Some were great, while some were plain out bad. Ahead, I have provided a roundup of the myriad of iPhone 5 cases I encountered during the show. 

Jison Case iPhone 5

Jison Case’s new Flip Classic case for iPhone 5, allowing you to see the time and unlock your device from the lock screen. Available in a wide variety of colors, retailing for $47.00.

Cygnett iPhone 5

Cygnett has released a new lineup of cases for iPhone 5, iPod touch fifth-generation and other devices, starting at $16.99 each.


Griffin Survivor case series for iPhone 5. $49.99 each.

Vaja iPhone 5 Cases

Case-Mate recently took Argentinian case maker Vaja under its belt. Above, you can see a selection of genuine, hand-stitched leather cases by Vaja for iPhone 5. Starting at $110 and up.

MEdge iPhone 5

Tina-Turk collection of iPhone 5 cases by M-Edge, retailing for $39.99 each.

iPhone 5 iFrogz

iFrogz, a subsidiary of ZAGG, is out with new Jewel and Mix cases for iPhone 5. Both are $29.99 each.

SwitchEasy Monster cases for iPhone 5.

SwitchEasy Monster cases for iPhone 5.

DEOS iPhone 5 Case

Catered to the high-class, DEOS is out with these new cases that can cost upwards of $200.


Late last year, new Moshi iGlaze cases for iPhone 5 hit the market. They’ll set you back $29.95 each.

ZAGG iPhone 5

ZAGG’s 3LP offers three layers of protection for your iPhone 5. You’re looking at $39.99 for this one, sometimes less.

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