iFans at CES: Samsung Stole the Show

Samsung CES 2013 2

Today is the fourth and final day of International CES, and South Korean consumer electronics maker Samsung has had a very strong presence throughout the entire four days of the show.

The large showroom for Samsung has been packed since CES kicked off, with both members of press and other industry affiliaties checking out what the corporation has to offer in the year ahead. 

Samsung CES 2013

Samsung is perhaps the most high-profile corporation on hand at International CES, so it’s unsurprising that it has been getting a lot of attention. Apple hasn’t had an official presence at the trade show for over two decades, while Microsoft — outside of a surprise appearance by Steve Ballmer — no longer has the convention on its agenda. But that’s not to discredit Samsung, as the buzz around its products was surreal.

Samsung CES 2013 3

Samsung has a number of new flagship televisions on display at its exhibit, alongside its popular Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphones and a number of different products for both the entertainment and consumer markets. It has literally been a maze trying to navigate through the Samsung headquarters, and I imagine it will be the same even today on the fourth and final day of the show.

Samsung has become an increasingly competitive player in the tech space over the last few years, thanks to a string of solid product releases and media attention it has received from its legal battle with Apple. Samsung is by far the largest and most successful Android licensee, and has prevented Apple from running away with a complete monopoly over the smartphone market with the iPhone.

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