Windows RT “Jailbreak” Now Available


Neowin is reporting this afternoon that the very first Windows RT “jailbreak” is now available. It was only very recently  that someone had indeed jailbroken the device, but this afternoon a tool has been released that allows all Surface RT owners to exploit the device’s security themselves.

A few days ago, a software developer by the name of  ”clrokr” successfully found out how to get Windows RT to run unsigned ARM-based software on Windows RT. Since then, another software creator, known as “netham45,” has released a batch file on XDA Developers that automates the jailbreaking process.

It’s worth remembering that since this is the very first public jailbreak, the community behind hacking the device is just now getting started. The device has an ARM processor, which will not simply start running standard Windows applications. Over time, I have no doubt that there will be countless tweaks and apps that come to Windows RT through this jailbreak, but at the moment, there’s not much available.

Anyone have a Surface RT that plans to give this a whirl?


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