Six Years Ago Today…

iPhone unveil

Six years ago today, the late Steve Jobs stood before Macworld – an annual conference for Mac enthusiasts – and announced what would become one of the most influential (and best-selling) technology products of all time. Six years ago today, Apple unveiled the iPhone.

It’s interesting to look back six years: the smartphone market was completely different. RIM’s BlackBerry was the king of corporate communication, and Microsoft was the innovative underdog in the mobile phone space. Even Palm, a company now gone, was considered a powerful player, and their Treo line was one of the most iconic devices available.

Apple’s iPhone has since gone through its fair share of ups and downs, as has the software that powers it. It is, however, impossible to deny the success and innovation of the product, so here’s to the crazy ones.

The Macworld 2007 Keynote is available after the break.

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