iFans at CES: Four Awesome Fitness and Lifestyle Accessories for iPhone, iPad

Scosche’s new award-winning boomBOTTLE, a weatherproof Bluetooth wireless speaker for iPhone, iPad and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Today was yet another whirlwind day at the International CES convention. This is my first time attending CES, and it has been a thrilling experience. In fact, it’s quite overwhelming. There is literally so much to see at CES, that it’s no surprise the trade show lasts four days.

While I predominantly focused on accessories in the iLounge Pavilion for day one yesterday, today I ventured over to both the south and central halls. What I found was a plethora of health, fitness and lifestyle products for both Apple products and the broader tech market. Check it out just ahead. 

Fitbug Air and Orb

Fitbug Air

Fitbug Air is a Bluetooth-enabled fitness tracking monitor for iPhone, iPad and other devices.

Fitbug is at International CES to show off its new and existing lineup of Bluetooth fitness and health accessories for iPhone, iPad and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Fitbug Go, pictured above, is an activity tracker that helps you to manage your nutrition, monitor your activity and fulfill your fitness goals. Then, you can sync the data to your PC or Mac. Fitbug Go retails for between $24.99 and $54.99 depending on the subscription model you choose.

orb-with-phone-B-L-watch strapFitbug Orb, pictured to the right, is the company’s latest innovative product that it debuted at CES 2013. The Orb is a wearable Bluetooth-enabled device — this seems to be a theme at CES this year — that allows you to track your activity and sleep.

The fitness accessory can be worn in seven different ways, and the data collected can be sent in real-time or at certain intervals to the Fitbug mobile app. The Orb also benefits from a feature called “Walking Zone,” a mode which ensures that the user is keeping a proper pace for optimal results. Fitbug’s Orb will be available next May or June for $49.99.

Fitbug Orb

A prototype version of the Fitbug Orb, slated for release in May or June.


Lapka 2

Lapka 1

Lapka is an environmental monitor peripheral that connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

LapkaLapka is a new environmental monitor peripheral that connects with the 3.5mm headphone jack on your smartphone to measure qualities in your surrounding environment, such as the radioactive particles, nitrates left behind in raw produce because of synthetic fertilizer use, electromagnetic fields from devices or wireless transmitters, and the temperature and relative humidity of your location.

The exhibitor that showed me this accessory seemed like a very intelligent person, and his product definitely appears to be both unique and innovative. Lapka is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, fourth- and fifth-generation iPod touch and iPad. I’m definitely looking forward to giving this accessory a spin in the near future. Lapka isn’t cheap, however, retailing for $220 with a bag. Money perhaps spent best elsewhere.

Scosche boomBOTTLE

Scosche Bottle

Scosche BoomBottleConsumer electronics accessory maker Scosche has unveiled its new boomBOTTLE weatherproof Bluetooth wireless speaker, a recipient of the Design and Engineering showcase honors award at CES 2013. Like the Fitbug products above, the boomBOTTLE is compatible with iPhone, iPad and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The speaker is designed to fit in most water bottle cages on mountain bikes, and delivers good sound quality and acoustics thanks to a 50mm stereo driver. The product features an omni-directional speaker cone that sends music in all directions for up to nine hours of playback on a single charge.

All audio and charging ports are safely covered with a durable non-slip exterior. The speaker is also shock-proof, meaning that it’ll be highly difficult to damage its internals, regardless of the terrain in which you are riding. Scosche did not confirm pricing or availability details, but expect this product to hit the market in the near future at a price comparable to most other Bluetooth speakers.

Milo Alpha


Mio Alpha is a sports watch for the high performance athlete, but will set you back $199.99.

Mio Alpha Black

Last — but certainly not least — on my list of fitness and lifestyle accessories is the Mio Alpha watch. This wearable accessory monitors your heartbeat, and is designed for the high performance athlete that wants accurate readings at high speeds.

The sport watch is customizable and has intuitive features, such as a continuous heart rate display, visual and audible alerts when your heartbeat reaches certain ranges and reviewable data. Mio Alpha will set you back $199.99, but seems to be a worthy investment for serious athletes.

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