Samsung’s 8-Core Exynos: Coming Soon to a Smartphone Near You

samsung exynos

Move over quad-core Tegra 4, Samsung’s got a new chip. Featuring eight (yes, eight) total cores, Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa is a beast. But the beauty of the chip isn’t just in its crazy core count. Samsung has rather ingeniously divvied up the type of cores available in this latest SoC. There are two sets of four-cores. One set is based on the ARM A15 design, while the other is based on the A7 specifications. For more intense tasks, the A15 cores fire up and power through it. The A15 design is the latest and greatest from ARM, and the chip used in the powerful Nexus 10 is based on a similar design, but in “only” a dual-core layout.

For less intense tasks that could be done with less impact on the battery, the A7 cores are used. The complex system of powering up certain sets of cores for certain tasks is all done in the name of battery life, and this chip will supposedly offer a large improvement over current-generation devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

The chip is targeted at smaller devices (read: smartphones and small tablets), where battery life is in high demand. The Exynos 5 Octa should ship a little later this year, and will be available not just to Samsung’s smartphone arm but also to other vendors. However, it’s a good bet that this chip will be released alongside the Galaxy S IV.

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