Apple Slashes Thunderbolt Cable Price, Releases Shorter Model


Cables aren’t a fun accessory to buy. If you buy OEM from a retail store, they can end up costing an arm and a leg. This became especially true a couple years ago with the introduction of the Thunderbolt cable, and even moreso with the recent release of the Lightning cable interface. That said, the Thunderbolt cable — which Apple originally priced at $49 — has today been reduced to $39.

Apple also introduced a shorter model of the cable — it’s 1/4 the length, at .5 meters — that is priced at $29. Personally, I would go for the cheaper, shorter model myself. I can usually find a way to get the two devices I’m connecting to be within .5 meters of each other. Still, I think $29 is a bit steep for a single cable. We’ll let you know if we see any price changes on Lightning cables and adapters.


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