Pebble Smartwatch Shipping January 23rd to Kickstarter Backers

pebble smartwatch

The Pebble, a popular project first seen on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, has finally made its first true public showing at CES 2013. The watch, which quickly became one of the most popular projects on Kickstarter, revolves around an incredibly simple device and integration with a smartphone (Android or iOS, for now) to provide features such as notifications and small apps from your wrist.

The company also has promised to continue to support the Pebble via OTA software updates, which are downloaded on to the smartphone companion app and then install via Bluetooth to the Pebble itself. Various features are promised, as the current set of capabilities are limited to mostly basic functions. The Verge notes that, while the watch isn’t the “smartest smartwatch,” the company behind it did the right thing in focusing on a limited set of features. Those features, The Verge reports, were polished to near perfection. In their hands-on with the device, Dieter Bohn concludes that this may very well be the first smartwatch product to ever reach critical mass and break in to the mainstream. Its appealing design and simplicity will certainly help contribute to that.

The Pebble will begin shipping first to those who backed the project on Kickstarter, and then will be put up for sale a little later this year for $150. Personally, they have my interest.

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