iFans at CES — Day One: Accessories Roundup


Toddy cloths and cleaning gear.

The North Hall at Internal CES is jam-packed with new and noteworthy accessories for Apple devices, so much so that it’s impossible to cover all of them. So rather than elaborate on some of the more simple cases and accessories that have been put onto the market, we’ve compiled this mini roundup. 

Just Mobile Stylus

Just Mobile capacitive AluPen styluses for iOS devices. Not new to the show, but worth noting.

Marware iPad mini case

Multipurpose, multiview Axis case by Marware for iPad mini.

Various bags by ECBC, including for the iPad mini, full-sized iPad and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

SwitchEasy Monster cases for iPhone 5.

SwitchEasy Monster cases for iPhone 5.

iGlaze span-on iPhone 5 cases by Moshi.

iGlaze snap-on iPhone 5 cases by Moshi.

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