iFans at CES — Day One: Sensus Touch Sensitive Case

Sensus Case

One of the first exhibits that I stumbled upon on during day one of the annual Consumer Electronics Show was the Sensus touch sensitive case. The case is capacitive and features multi-touch sensors that are built right into the back and right side, meaning that you can actually touch right through the case and have compatible apps detect the movements.

Sensus_case_package_vertThe exhibitor demonstrated how the Sensus works by dragging his finger along the back of the case. Surely enough, the movements he was making on the back of the iPhone began showing up as doodled lines within the drawing app he had open. While the Sensus is only compatible with a limited number of apps at this point, the possibilites could be endless with this case.

Best of all is that users don’t have to remove the Sensus to charge their iPhone, since the case has a built-in micro-USB cable and port. And the design of the case appears to be highly protective, with Canopy — the case maker — claiming that its industrial design exceeds marketplace protection standards. Sensus is expected to ship later this year for less than $100.

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