Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia – Part Two

Last week, I introduced a new segment here on iFans which focuses on highlighting certain obscure tweaks from the jailbreaking community.  Surprisingly, it was a favorable topic amongst members and most of them found the tweaks in that post very useful!  So, without further ado, here is the next installment of “Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia.”

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Filotouch | ModMyi Repo | Free

When I first saw this tweak become available, I recognized the word “protect” in the title, and knew that I would find this very useful.  To my surprise, it was not much later that my aunt had lost her iPhone, luckily with her password enabled.  I was relieved when I found out that it was password protected, but I thought that it was a bit of a nuisance having to manually input her password.  Enter, AutoProtect.  This tweak allows you have your password loaded onto your device, without the hassle of manually putting it in.  When you’re connected to a known WiFi, your password becomes overwritten and loads it back up when you are out of range.




Elias Limneos | BigBoss Repo | $2.99

AquaBoard is a tweak that was very well implemented, almost making it feel native to iOS.  Simply put, AquaBoard allows you to have water-like effects on your device’s homescreen.  Under Settings.app there are many options of which the end user can apply to provide a different style and feel to AquaBoard’s effect.  For example, you can adjust the frame rate of the water ripples with each touch, or you can set it to an ambient rain mode, where your device will appear to be as if it was getting hit by virtual rain.




Nick Frey | BigBoss Repo | Free

AnyLockApp “changes the lockscreen camera shortcut to open any of your apps!”  Changing the app shortcut on the lockscreen is its only function, but that doesn’t mean it is not a great tweak.  AnyLockApp is quite useful if you have an app that you would like immediate access to.  So, viewing a picture, selecting your favorite song, or even doing a quick Google search just got even faster.  For those of you set with a passcode, you will still be required to enter it before the app is launched.




F.lux Software LLC | Cydia/Telesphoreo | Free

When ‘f.lux’ was initially released, it received very little attention on the iFan’s forums.  F.lux simply “warms up your screen to match your lighting at night,” which of course, means drastic reduce in eye strain and discomfort.  Moreover, f.lux was released with the intention of eliminating “blue light” from your device which “affects the quality of your sleep.”   I personally find it a pleasing experience to use my device with this tweak installed, as it makes the screen easier on my eyes at night.  So if you ever find yourself squinting at your device due to its blue-ish brightness, check out f.lux.



JamieD360 | ModMyi | Free

If you are a power user who switches between apps constantly and hate the fact that you can only view up to 4 of your recent apps, then MultisStorey may be for you.  MultiStorey doubles the amount of apps that can be shown in your multitasking bar, allowing you to view up to 8 of your recently opened apps.  While MultiStorey doesn’t strictly reinvent the app switcher as Auxo, it does, however, speed up your day-to-day tasks.


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