Apple Can’t Afford Buyer’s Remorse With Next Retail Hire

Apple Can’t Afford Buyer’s Remorse With Next Retail Hire


As you will recall, Apple fairly recently fired two of its highest ranking executives. While Scott Forstall was certainly the more notable of the two, there was another: John Browett, the former head of Apple’s retail. Browett replaced Ron Johnson after he left to become the CEO of J.C. Penney, a popular department store. Following his hire, there was widespread critique that he simply wasn’t the right man for the job. Simply put, he wasn’t: merely months after he, he had begun emphasizing profit over customer relations and the overall experience of the store, which Jobs and Johnson had strove to improve. He was promptly fired.

All Things D notes that his position is still mysteriously unfilled, and analyzes various other picks that could be suitable for his position – and the what the consequences of hiring another poorly qualified choice could be.

Now Apple is once again on the hunt for an executive to oversee its retail stores, a keystone of the company’s success. And it can ill afford to make another such hiring mistake.


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