Did You Switch From an iPad to an iPad mini?


It’s something that I have considered on multiple occasions and something that a few of my friends have done. Trading up (or down?) from an iPad 2 in favor of the iPad mini. The two devices are actually remarkably similar — they both sport an A5 processor and have identical 1024 × 768 px screens. But the biggest — and most obvious — difference between the two is the iPad mini’s new form factor. Every time I see one in person I am once again struck by how small it is and how different it feels compared to the larger iPad models.

What do you think about switching from an iPad 2 — or even a superior iPad 3 or 4 — to the iPad mini? And for those of you that already own an iPad, is the form factor something that you think is worth trading for? iFans forum member ThePodofi has created a thread asking this exact question. Head over to the forums and chime in if this is something you decided to do recently, and let us know what you think of the iPad mini!

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