Latest Version of Swype for Android Crowdsources Autocorrections


The latest version of Swype is coming with at least one interesting trick up its sleeve: the gesture-based keyboard will soon crowdsource autocorrections, effectively using the mistakes of users to create a more accurate autocorrection system for all. This crowdsourced dictionary, with the catchy name of “Living Language,” will literally keep Swype up-to-date with the latest jargon. For example, “YOLO.” After a certain minimum threshold of Swype users have input “YOLO,” the crowdsourced dictionary will automatically add the word to its pages.

Such a feature should keep Swype more updated on the words and trends being used now than competitors like SwiftKey. Swype and SwiftKey are major competitors on Android, with both being featured high on the top paid lists in Google Play. Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android has the ability to swap out the stock keyboard for another option and both Swype and SwiftKey are excellent options.

The latest Swype beta, available on Swype’s website, also features a new editing mode which aims to make corrections faster than previous versions. According to¬†The Verge, the performance of the beta isn’t inspiring, though that is hopefully going to change in the near future. Regardless, it’s great to see Swype continuing to push the mobile keyboard paradigm in new directions.

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