Openfeint, Plus+: Share Yours

Here at Multi-touch Fans, we love games. From FPS to RPGs, we play ‘em, one and all. And something interesting about iOS and the devices that run it is the gaming networks they have. Instead of Apple dictating the terms of the network, you do. So you have a choice; and the largest are Openfeint and Plus+. Luckily, you can use both at the same time.


The big differentiation is that Openfeint Game Spotlight [Openfeint Game Spotlight - iTunes] (a seperate and dedicated app) allows you to download a ‘featured’ game everyday. On the day the app is featured, it is free. You can see how this is nice, since most games featured are top notch. Openfeint also includes the regular features, such as allowing you to track your scores, challenge and connect with friends, and achievements. You can share your Openfeint I.D. here: Openfeint – Friend ID’S

The other heavy hitter (at least until Apple’s Gamecenter makes it onto the scene) is Plus+.This is the network behind some of the most popular MMOs on iOS; many of which have been published by ngmoco. Since ngmoco developed and now maintains Plus+, they use it in all their games. The features are very similar to Openfeint’s, although Plus+ has an edge in the UI department. You can share your Plus+ I.D. here: Plus+ Network: Discussion & Member IDs

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