Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia – Part One

If you spend a good amount of time on Cydia searching for tweaks, then you will certainly know that there is a hidden treasure trove just waiting to be found and downloaded.  While popular tweaks such as Auxo and Zephyr are highlighted, there are obscure tweaks that usually receive little to no praise from the jailbreak community.

It is my pleasure to introduce a new iFans series: “Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia.” In this new series of articles, I will attempt to unearth and highlight the hidden gems of Cydia.  These posts will hopefully stir up discussion over certain jailbreak tweaks that interest you, and stimulate members to try tweaks that seem worthy.

Read on for the full list!




HASHBANG Productions  | BigBoss Repo | Free

BrightVol is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to adjust the brightness by using only a simple activator action.  Although it may look like just another brightness tweak, BrightVol offers unique features which stand out from the rest.  First of all, BrightVol allows you to easily switch between changing the volume and the brightness of your device.  Simply press both volume buttons simultaneously and it lets you change the brightness — repeating the process again will revert it back to changing the device’s volume.  Also, if you’re one of the forgetful type, BrightVol will automatically switch back its settings after it is left untouched for at least 30 seconds on the brightness setting.




Ryan Petrich | http://rpetri.ch/repo/ | Free

While this tweak is coming from well-known developer Ryan Petrich, it hasn’t been brought to the full attention of the jailbreak community.  Monocle essentially allows an app to run in fullscreen whenever you perform the action of shaking your device.  It almost provides similar functionality to Safari’s fullscreen mode found on iOS 6.  A good thing to note is that it is Activator-friendly, so having to shake your device isn’t the only option to allow an app to run in fullscreen. Compatibility can potentially be limited, so apps such as Cydia itself may not be compatible.




iKy1e (Kyle Howells) | BigBoss Repo | Free

SwipeSelection is a useful little tweak that makes editing on your iPhone or iPad easy with the use of simple gestures.  Instead of traditionally tapping your fingers to adjust any typos, you can simply swipe your finger on the keyboard and it moves the cursor until you stop.  Alternatively, you can swipe with two fingers to increase the scroll speed of the cursor.  Even though this particular tweak was inspired by a popular iOS concept, it hasn’t really been highly appreciated amongst the community.




Nikos Lykousas | BigBoss Repo | $1.00

Clockify is a tweak that provides customization by displaying the Clock.app UI on the lockscreen, enabling a real-time animation to the SpringBoard, and by having access to a clock widget in Notification center. If you go to the Settings panel, you can find even more customization options to enable or disable certain parts of the tweak. For example, you can enable a world clock to appear on the homescreen. If you want even more, you can combine this with Dashboard X and add a visual clock widget on your SpringBoard as well. It may not provide the most interesting or unexpected features, but it is one of the best integrated and supported tweaks available on Cydia, and therefore deserves to be mentioned.




Ariel Aouizerate | BigBoss Repo | $1.50

FoldMusic is exceptional in that is one of the most elegant and simple tweaks that has made its way to Cydia. This particular tweak allows you to do one simple task: create a folder on your homescreen based on playlists and albums. By simply going to FoldMusic’s settings, you can tap on the “Add” button, select your preferred album or custom playlist, and – voila! – it will automatically create a folder with your selected music in it!  It also offers options to add your album’s artwork as the folder preview and to rename the folder, for extra customizability.

And that, dear reader, is that.  What do you think of these tweaks? Useful? Interesting? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned for more!

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