Milo: An Affordable, Space-Saving iPhone Stand


I have tested out a myriad of different stands for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch over the years, so I was naturally excited to hear about — and looking forward to trying — the Milo stand by Bluelounge. The stand was recently refreshed to be offered in a new aluminum finished version, which I’ll be taking a look at today.

Bluelounge is an award-winning, premium maker of lifestyle accessories for consumer electronics and other solutions. The creative team behind the scenes at Bluelounge know how to make products that are both highly functional and well-designed aesthetically. But does the Milo hold up to these high standards? 


The new aluminum finish that Bluelounge offers the Milo stand in is elegant, and closely matches the anodized aluminum design of my MacBook Pro, iMac and other Apple products within my workspace. But, more importantly, the stand has a space-saving, minimalistic design that does not require much room on my already-cluttered desk or bedside nightstand. And it’s lightweight, which is another benefit.

Milo Stand

On the top of the stand is Japanese micro-suction padding that acts like an adhesive to keep the iPhone in place in either portrait or landscape mode. The Milo stand will hold your iPhone very securely — I tested it with both my iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 — although it was rather inconveniencing that I couldn’t charge my iPhone in portrait mode. The quick solution to this problem is just to dock your iPhone in landscape mode when it needs to be charged.

Another minor downside to this design was that I found the micro-suction technology to be too much sometimes; in other words, the stand tends to stick to my glass desk like concrete sometimes. You really need to apply some pressure or force to the stand to get it to pop off glass, but it’s perfectly fine on surfaces made of ceramic tile, laminated wood and other non-textured or perforated finishes. And even using the Milo on glass isn’t too bad, you just have to be careful.

Milo Stand 2


Milo is an affordable option at just $14.95 for the original or aluminum finish. Moreover, you are protected by the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that Bluelounge offers. If you are not completely satisfied with the Milo stand, you can send it back to Bluelounge for a full, hassle-free refund.

Another benefit to the value of this stand is that it delivers multipurpose functionality, since it supports numerous other devices alongside the iPhone. Milo works perfectly with the fifth-generation iPod touch, in addition to several Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones.


Despite its minor design flaws, the Milo is one of the best — and most affordable — iPhone stands available on the market right now. I continue to use the Milo on a daily basis and highly recommend it to other casual or power iPhone users alike.

As always, I would like to thank the kind folks at Bluelounge, particularly Kaitlin, for providing this review opportunity in such a timely manner. Check back late next week for a review of the Backpack by Bluelounge, which I will be bringing with me during my travels at CES 2013 next week.

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