Vaporware from CES 2012

Vaporware from CES 2012


With CES 2013 literally just around the corner (and our very own Joe Rossignol jetting down to cover it), there is about to be a deluge of gadgets and gimmicks. While the gadgets are always interesting, and often incredibly useful and clever, the gimmicks rarely make an appearance outside of the show.

Wired has compiled some of the more notable products that made a glamorous appearance at last year’s CES, but that were never seen again. It’s an interesting trip down memory lane, as many of the listed products won various awards from blogs and other publications for being innovative and interesting, but were never seen again.

CES 2013 will likely include many more of these types of products, but it’s important to remember that literally thousands of announcements are made at CES. It’s only logical to assume that at least some will never actually come to fruition.

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