Volume Versus Content

AAPL-Apple-Stock-MarketAndroid is dominant, representing nearly 70% of the worldwide smartphone market.  iOS represents almost 20% of the market.  Android’s success is attributed to the thousands of devices that run the system.  Apple has a handful of devices that run iOS, but that does not necessarily mean it is not popular.

Everyone has their own tastes, but the average consumer could care less about widgets, map bugs, or how long software has remained the same. While Android is available on thousands of devices, the content of iOS is what makes the platform so popular.

The Android platform is offered on a plethora of devices and often there is a unique look and feel to the Android system, depending on the brand of the smartphone. Android is the most customizable mobile operating system out of the box, and the user really has full control of the look and feel of the system.

Apple’s piece of the market is small, but their impact on the smartphone industry is substantial.  Apple does not have a large selection of devices for consumers, however, the reason Apple prevails is the content in iOS. The support and App optimization in iOS is hard to match on Android. The App Store experience on iOS is better, and users can get used to the system quickly. iOS users have little to worry when it comes to fragmentation.

What do you think is more important: the volume of products that run a certain system, or the quality of the content that run in a system?




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