Five Must-Have Apps for Getting Things Done

Photo Jan 05, 12 19 37 PM

If your January is anything like mine, it’s a chaotic month full of work that was brushed aside during the holidays. But do not fret, iFans readers! This article lists five apps that streamline the workload in order to get things done. Hit the break for the full roundup.

Launch Center Pro


Launch Center Pro with some default and custom shortcuts.

App Cubby | 17.3 MB | $4.99

As the developers described it, Launch Center Pro (LCP) is “like speed dial, but for more than just phone calls.” LCP is an app built on two fundamental design characteristics: efficiency and speed. After taking the time to set the app up to your liking, it is easy to send a text message to a friend, call work, open an app, or even search Yelp for a restaurant.  The deep customization mixed with infinitely useful features have kept this app a permanent resident on my iPhone’s dock. If you are a heavy texter or have a multitude of apps installed on your iDevice, LCP is definitely something that you should invest in.



CloudMagic’s app allows you to see all of your data from various providers.

Webyog Inc | 5.9 MB | Free

If you use a cloud service of any kind, this app is essential. Rather than download each individual app for its respective service, CloudMagic combines it all into a single app and allows you to view photos, documents, emails, and messages from an array of sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Facebook, and more. In addition, CloudMagic is also extremely fast and the interface is clean and easy to navigate. Especially for a free app, I was astounded by how spectacular this service is.



The 1Password app in demo mode.

Agilebits, Inc. | 20.5 MB | $7.99

One of the pitfalls of enhanced security is remembering the plethora of passwords we use on a daily basis. 1Password is here to help by providing a secure way to store your passwords. 1Password has been around for awhile, but was updated with a shiny new design and new features, including iCloud sync. In addition, 1Password can store everything from website logins to credit card numbers behind 256-bit AES encryption. Agilebits also added a novel feature for if you want to show your friends the app without showing them your personal information. Instead of typing your master password, type “demo” and the app will pull up a false profile that demonstrates the app’s capabilities. Everything is done to make sure that your data is protected to the utmost degree.



The inClass iOS app is universal, so you can manage your classes from your iPad or iPhone.

inClass, Inc. | 19.9 MB | Free

The free alternative to the ever-popular iStudiez Pro, inClass keeps students organized and on task. It takes awhile to set up, but it is well worth it. You can manage individual classes and set alerts for homework, exams, reports, and more. Better yet, the app allows color coding the assignments based on priority. I have personally been using this app for a year, and I can’t imagine school without it. If procrastination is affecting you in school, download this app immediately.



Bankr iOS app.

Styled Syntax, Inc. | 4.7 MB | $1.99

Managing your finances does not have to be a chore with Bankr. The clean, beautiful UI makes adding income, subtracting expenses, and tracking stocks a breeze. Add purchases and income and categorize them by type.  Simple graphs and charts show purchasing habits and expenses reports. With this app, its quite easy to stick a budget and track your personal finances. The $1.99 price pays for itself quite quickly.

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